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Residential Project Marketing and Sales:

We provide residential real estate developers with a competitive advantage.

We bring uncommon market insight, service excellence and an enterprising approach to everything we do to ensure a residential real estate project’s success. 

From positioning and marketing boutique infill developments to maximize value, to collaborating with developers on masterplanned, mixed?use communities that need an international sales strategy, LURA Residential directs all aspects of residential real estate projects’ marketing and sales process.

When it comes to successfully marketing and selling residential real estate, actively leading and managing the dynamics of a local market and enhancing sales through international sales distribution channels are a must.

Whether spearheading a project from conception or breathing new life into a project that has lost momentum, LURA Residential delivers innovative marketing and sales solutions across a multitude of scenarios and project sizes. By precisely defining appropriate target markets and tailoring customized solutions for each unique project, LURA Residential provides unprecedented versatility in managing all types of residential developments.

LURA Residential leads all aspects of marketing and sales for developers and deploys a thoughtful, strategic, disciplined and progressive approach to these services. We lead every aspect of the marketing and sales process – from defining the vision and product through to the sale of the last condominium or home in a project.

Our experienced team brings a vast, distinctive and innovative perspective with respect to real estate marketing and sales. This deep knowledge provides developers access to the ideas, trends and advanced thinking shaping the industry.

Residential marketing and sales services include:

  • Market research and target market analysis
  • Product concept definition
  • Project positioning and identity
  • Customized marketing and sales strategy
  • Product release and pricing strategy
  • Public and media relations
  • Marketing and sales staffing solutions
  • Sales training
  • Domestic and international sales distribution
  • Performance measurement and reporting
  • Sales administration

"LURA Stays": We are into Managed Service Apartments.

"FlatMate Realty": We are into "Home Rental Network" for furnished Shared Accomodation and Family Accomodation under our brand .

"SmartInvestor Real Estate Investments": Making investors to invest in POSITIVE CASH FLOW properties, making investors to get PASSIVE INCOME on their investments. Investments opportunies are recomended in Multi-Family Rental Houes, PG Accomodation, Serviced Apartments and Leased Properties investments.

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